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When and how to use text nudges on campus

There’s a big difference between who wants to send text nudges to your students and who should be sending text nudges.
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Top three considerations when selecting a texting platform

We all know by now that texting is an extremely effective way to communicate with students. Campuses across the country are using texting to varying degrees with a range of success. The texting ...
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Using mobile technology to improve communication with students

Struggling to communicate with today’s students? Join leadership from the University of Oklahoma, Radford University and University of the Sciences for a panel discussion on "Using Mobile to Improve ...
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Stop. Using. Periods. | Maximizing your text messaging response rate

Why you should (almost) always end student texts with “?”
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Managing texting preferences in an enterprise environment

Texting has taken higher education by storm and is now the most effective way to communicate with today’s students. Of course, as with the introduction of any new technology, it’s important to be ...
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Legalities of texting students

You want to text students. But you don’t want to break the law. (Orange may be the new black, but it’s still not your color.) Lucky for you, it’s fairly easy to stay in compliance.
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