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Text nudges to engage students

You can see how texting in general is effective, so it’s time to take a deeper look into how it can fit into your overall communications strategy.

What’s a nudge?

A “nudge” is a brief text to a student intended to guide them in a specific direction. It could be a callout to register for a class, a message to stressed-out students to let them know counseling is available during finals week, or a tap on the shoulder to remind them that a deadline looms. You can even use texts to share content.

“I love the fact that we can send a quick text to students with a direct link to verification forms on our website,” noted Carissa Taylor, administrative assistant for student financial services at Muskingum University.

Build a bridge with texting, then watch everyone cross it

The best way to get buy-in across campus is to show your colleagues and leadership that texting works. Here are a few ways that texting can have a positive impact right away:

  • Registration reminders
  • Advising check-ins
  • Scheduling appointments (you’ll be amazed how quickly students will schedule appointments via text vs. email and other mediums

If it isn’t broke…

Perhaps emails, campus flyers, and other mediums are working for you. If so, there’s no need to stop using them, even if sparingly. Texting is the all-purpose tool in your belt – but that doesn’t mean you should throw the rest of them away.

Be prepared for pushback

Is there a reason why students at your school wouldn’t respond to texting? Will campus leadership be comfortable with texting, and will they need proof that it works before agreeing to implement a strategy? Think ahead and be ready to address any questions or concerns people might have.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture

Ultimately, texting is part of a bigger goal. You want to achieve higher graduation rates, retention rates and other measures of success. An increase in confirmed appointments is great, but it takes an organized, multi-faceted approach to score big wins.

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FREE GUIDE: Developing a Texting Communications Plan for Current Students

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