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10 cross-campus texting templates to ensure best practices

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Use two-way texting to help students navigate the higher ed altered landscape.

Texting and technology will play an even more important role in our “new normal” landscape where a majority of our communication with college students spans beyond on-campus events and financial reminders. Even if your institution’s campus isn’t closed, there will be several roadblocks to communicating with students. These texting templates and best practices will help your staff recruit, retain, and guide students through their lifecycle.

Separate emergency notifications from two-way texting

With an ever-present pandemic, students will heed emergency notifications, but false alarms can be harmful to the process. Two-way texting is helpful for engaging students, but it should never replace your emergency notification protocols. Be careful to only use your college’s emergency notification platform for urgent situations.

Publish a texting hotline

Students, faculty, parents, and alumni will have many questions and concerns. Consider publishing a specific texting hotline for these questions and share the number at every touchpoint.

When sending text messages, take care to:

  • Ensure the information you’re sending is not likely to change quickly (within a day or two).
  • Avoid office and building acronyms that your audience might not understand (Use Student Success Center instead of SSC).
  • Use images in messages to show campus maps and landmarks for those less familiar with your campus.

10 texting templates save time and keep messaging consistent

These SMS texting templates can be used by your school’s staff for a variety of different scenarios.

Closure updates

Hi <FIRST NAME>! This is <USER NAME> from
<SCHOOL>. Just taking a quick moment to remind you
to continue checking your campus email for updates
on campus closures. Please let me know if you have any

Online learning options

<FIRST NAME>, this is <USER NAME> from
<SCHOOL>. Please use <ONLINE PORTAL> to access
your course materials. Your professor will cooardinate
class materials and expectations. Please let us know if
you have any questions.

Keep this # for updates

Hello <FIRST NAME>! Your safety is our biggest
priority. Please save this number as I will be providing
you updates on any upcoming campus closures.

Campus updates

<FIRST NAME>, this is <USER NAME> from
<SCHOOL>. With abundant caution, we have decided
to (move our operations off-campus/close our campus/
suspend operations, etc.). In the meantime, we will also
send official updates via email. Please feel free to text
back with any questions or challenges.

Class schedule updates

<FIRST NAME>, this is <USER NAME> from
<SCHOOL>. We have decided to (move our classes
to online/cancel classes/postpone classes until DATE/
TIME). Please keep an eye out for any communications
from your professors on updated materials and plans.
May I assist with any questions in the meantime?

IT support

Hi <FIRST NAME>! <SCHOOL> is committed on
making this transition to work remote as smooth as
possible. This is our IT Help Desk number. Text us if
you need computer or IT support. <Computer Emoji>

Student check-in

Hi <FIRST NAME>, this is Professor <USER NAME>.
How are you managing the new online set-up? You
can find recordings on all of my sessions <here>. Do
you have any questions for me at this time?

Housing assistance

Hi <FIRST NAME>, this is <USER NAME> from
<OFFICE>. Effective this <date> all residence halls
will be closed. Student Life staff will be available
to help you make any arrangements in <HALL
NAME>. If you’re experiencing housing hardships or
challenges, please contact <STAFF FIRST NAME> at
<EMAIL> for guidance.

Updates for faculty/staff

Hi <FIRST NAME>! This is <USER NAME> from
<OFFICE>. Please check your email on <DATE> for
operational updates and a conference call schedule
to ensure we’re all on the same page heading into the
new semester. Thank you for your patience as we
work through this difficult time together!

The planning that goes into your messaging will save your staff a lot of time, and templates help avoid missteps in communication.

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