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Texting with Cadence creates real ROI for Admissions departments

1 min read

Meet prospective students where they are: their phones

Your Admissions team likely uses a few different channels to communicate with prospective students and their families - emails, phone calls, brochures, postcards, etc. And while all of these channels have a valuable place in a communications strategy, they don’t compare to the open and response rates that you get through texting.

Texting is not only an effective way to ask simple yes-no questions or check in on where a student is at in their college decision-making process, but it can supplement the other methods that you’re already using. If you sent an email to a student with helpful tips for submitting an application, you could follow up with a simple text asking if the student had a chance to read the email. This increases the likelihood of your messages being read, and also reminds the student that you’re there to help every step of the way. 

Using Cadence to text with students can create a real return on investment for your Admissions department - but don’t just take our word for it. From crushing their enrollment numbers to increasing revenue, our partner institutions have produced these amazing results as Cadence users!

ROI one pager - admissions final

Personalized communications that go the extra mile

No matter how large or small your student body is, a texting platform like Cadence can create personalized interactions so a student doesn’t feel like just a number. A personalized, engaging experience can go a long way when it comes to reaching your Admissions goals by helping to increase application and enrollment numbers. It also sets a great precedent for what a student can expect once they join your school - being supported by staff that truly care about their success on campus - which will lead to them becoming passionate alumni in the future.

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