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The importance of two-way texting in donor engagement during COVID-19

2 min read

Recently, our partners at Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) conducted a discussion with more than 600 higher ed fundraisers and advancement professionals to see how colleges and universities are adapting during COVID-19. 

While fundraising has not stopped, colleges are generating more support and engagement when their messaging focuses on helping students through the current crisis. Two-way texting has played a very big part in this shift.

Gift Officers going digital with two-way texting, video messaging, and live chat

What are Gift Officers doing while they’re kept from in-person visits? The majority (83%) are turning to texting platforms like Cadence.

Strategies have evolved to include more person-to-person texting, as well as live chat and personalized video messages. Digital mediums allow officers to continue and grow relationships. And, while these measures are more cost-effective, they also fit with the current social isolation measures all institutions must navigate. 

Adapting Giving Day strategies

When coronavirus concerns first began closing campuses, there were obviously many adjustments that had to be made. The cloud of uncertainty for advancement departments included what to do about Giving Day plans. Brian Gawor, CFRE at RNL, outlined the results of several surveys to reveal what changes, if any, schools are making to their fundraising efforts. The summary shows that most of the schools polled are making changes to their 2020 Giving Day, but are continuing to call donors at a 90% rate.

Looking ahead to 2021

Students and staff are already adapting to the new normal, and there’s likely to be even more of an increase in online education opportunities. Schools that are preparing by increasing their use of digital channels will be more effective. Even when personal visits and campus outreach return, texting and live chat strategies that have proven to be reliable during COVID-19 will still be a major contributor to advancement efforts.  

Want to see how two-way texting with Cadence or intelligent chatbot implementation with Harmony can contribute to your fundraising efforts? Schedule a demo today. 

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