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The use of texting for intercollegiate athletics

Join us as we discuss best uses for texting within intercollegiate athletics. We’re excited to sponsor this panel discussion featuring four industry experts – each with a unique take on how texting can and should be used within an athletics department.




Aimee O’Connell
Assistant Director of Admissions
Bryant University




Eric Schultz
Associate Athletic Director, Compliance
University of New Mexico

maggie_martiniMaggie Martini
Director of Marketing / Senior Women’s Administrator
St. Francis College (NY)

What is the future of content in higher ed, and what lessons can be learned from the evolution of online file sharing? Hugh McGuire, co-founder of Rebus Foundation joins Mongoose to talk about content accessibility and the possibilities that exist with Open Textbooks.

Engaging with technical school students and prospects offers unique challenges.

There are always obstacles in the way of reaching your constituents. And, while every campus has students with different characteristics, technical schools have additional challenges that 4-year institutions might not experience.

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