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UNC Charlotte recognized for annual giving text campaign

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When a school from the Mongoose family does well, we’re more than excited to share the good news. UNC Charlotte was recently recognized by the Annual Giving Network in their Best in Annual Giving Challenge.

To increase response and yield for Giving Day, UNC Charlotte texted recent graduates with a brief survey and used those responses to drive solicitation and engagement. It’s a strategy that fits well in the Cadence ‘Best Practices’ playbook.  


“We sent 12,000 texts [shown above] during our Giving Day, which spans 49 hours. Texts were sent to board members, previous donors, former student-athletes, Greek alumni, and alumni living in specific states, etc.  Each group of texts contained separate messaging; we tried to segment our audience as best as we could so that they were receiving a text message that would be most relatable to them,” stated Emily Porter, Assistant Director of Annual Giving at UNC Charlotte. “The texting campaign generated 29 new donors for us out of 120 total donors, so that was awesome.”

At Mongoose, we’re always interested in seeing how schools take texting to the next level. Congrats to UNC Charlotte and to all of the winners of AGN’s Best in Annual Giving Challenge!

You can see the full list here.

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TAGS:   Advancement News

We are sometimes asked why it would make sense to add an additional tool to an existing admissions team when they already have so much on their plate.

Each year, admissions staffs across the country work hard to make their classes, only to find that enrollment number reduced due to summer melt. So what can a college do about high school graduates who change their minds about a school, or attending school altogether, even after depositing? Attention to detail is a strong ally in the fight against melt.

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