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Using Cadence Analytics to Improve Texts

2 min read

Mongoose is excited to announce a helpful new feature, Cadence Analytics!

Designed to make it easier and more efficient to use data, this feature will help you improve how your school uses the texting platform, leading to better outcomes. Cadence Analytics serves as the hub for understanding how you and the staff at your school use Cadence.

With high-level metrics and comprehensive data, you’ll be able to better understand ROI from your texting. Your team will be better equipped to use data to make better decisions on a day-to-day basis. 

Who can use Cadence Analytics?

All Cadence users can view the Analytics page. The data available to you is entirely based on which team(s) you have access to. If you’re not a part of a specific team at your institution, you will not be able to view that team’s analytics. You must be an Admin in a team to view that team's individual user metrics.

With this responsive dashboard, you’ll now be able to see, in real time:


  • Total number of texts sent and received
  • Total number of texts successfully delivered and received
  • The number and percentage of contacts that replied to an outgoing message
  • Total number of messages that were left unread

The filtration functionality allows you to choose a specific date range and see a certain team’s data over time. You can also select multiple teams at once, assuming you are a part of those teams. 

Once you’ve loaded a team and date range, you can sort through columns and measure aspects like, who sent the most messages, who had a high delivery and reply rate, and which teams are reaching the most contacts.


The Cadence Analytics Dashboard

With Analytics, you can dive into past campaigns to see which ones have been the most effective. For example, if your team is planning an event reminder, you can take a look at past event reminder campaigns and use metrics like reply rate and contacts reached to try and duplicate success.


Saving Time with the Analytics Function

It can be time-consuming to manually export data for analyzation. Now, Cadence Admins can use the data export function to easily pull data for further analysis. This has saved teams weeks in monthly reporting work. 

Data is crucial to reaching your audience and influencing key decision-makers. With cut-and-dry numbers, your team can communicate more effectively and show what’s working.

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