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What can an intelligent virtual assistant do for your Admissions department?

2 min read

Self-service technology like Harmony can help prospective students cross the application finish line.

What is my application status?

Can you extend the application deadline?

How do I submit my SAT score?

Can you reset my password?

Your Admissions department is probably getting bombarded left and right with these kinds of questions, on top of a myriad of COVID-19 related questions and concerns from prospective students and their families. It’s a lot to handle, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to be attentive to every single request.

What if we told you that you could automate many of these tasks so that your team could focus on more complex questions and processes?

The answer? An intelligent virtual assistant.

A traditional chatbot can sit on your website 24/7 to answer frequently asked questions, but it can’t actually complete tasks. Harmony, Mongoose’s intelligent virtual assistant exclusively for higher ed, is so much more than a chatbot. Powered by Drift, Harmony utilizes custom conversation flows to guide website visitors through processes and help them accomplish tasks they would otherwise need your Admissions staff to handle for them. And it does this with a personalized experience, so website visitors almost forget they’re talking to a bot! Not only can you provide a self-service experience without missing a beat, your team can focus on more urgent requests and needs from prospective students.

If your Admissions department has been considering chatbot technology to better serve prospective students and other key audiences, maybe you need more than what a basic, out-of-the box chatbot can provide.

See for yourself how Harmony can go to work on your website to minimize administrative burden, capture lead information, and make the best use of visitor data to help you meet your Admissions goals during the most challenging academic year yet.

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