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What Students Are Looking for on Your Website (And How to Make it Easier to Find)

2 min read

According to RNL's 2021 E-Expectations Report, a college's website is the most influential source in a student's college search process. So they're putting a lot of weight on the content you serve up on your website. And if you create a frustrating experience, they're going to find a school that can provide a better one.

Give students what they're looking for - as easily as possible.

That search bar on your website is being put to work. Prospective students need to know first and foremost if they can afford your institution - and if you offer the program they're interested in.

Don't bury costs and tuition information pages deep on your website, and don't crowd your homepage with everything a student may be looking for. Because chances are, they're spending their time on your program and financial aid pages instead. 

search terms used on college websites

This generation does NOT want to dig!

There's a lot to consider when deciding which college to attend, and there are countless options to choose from. Today's generation of students is accustomed to quick searches and incredibly personalized experiences.

Attention spans have dropped, and so has the patience to aimlessly click around a website looking for answers.

college website UX tips

Chatbots are a rising tool to help!

Those generic "Contact Us" forms are becoming less and less popular among students, and for good reason. You don't get the instantaneous assistance you need, and when there are plenty of other institutions out there to consider, why spend your time filling out a form that may go days without a response?

Students are comfortable using chatbots to ask questions and find the information they need. The right bot can also help automate tasks.

high school students use chatbots

Students arrive at your website with the intent to find a specific piece of information or complete a task - don't leave them hanging.

Make your website easy to peruse, and don't be afraid to rely on technology like a chatbot to take the experience to the next level. You'll have much more satisfied website visitors, which could translate into more applications for your institution.

[WEBINAR]  Rev the Enrollment Engine: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Website for  Student Recruitment LEARN MORE

*According to the 2021 RNL E-Expectations report


[WEBINAR]  Rev the Enrollment Engine: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Website for  Student Recruitment LEARN MORE