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Why students think your school’s website is confusing (and how to fix it)

3 min read

If you’ve ever worn a new outfit and walked by a group of teens at the mall, you know - students can be judgy. From what people wear to what people say to how you act - students have opinions. 

And the first thing they judge about your school is your website.

But what exactly do students care about from a school’s website? What turns students off when they come to your site? And how can you fix it? 

Lucky for you - we’ve got the answers:

You Don’t Give ‘Em What They Want

Remember: students are just like you - they’ll only stay on a website as long as they find it helpful. If you want to engage with students, you have to give them what they want. 

And thanks to websites like Amazon, students are spoiled by the wonderful AI experience being served up on the sites they use to buy jeans, sneakers, and avocado toast. They expect yours to do the same. 

If your school’s site is still serving each visitor the same - you’ll have students bouncing off the site faster than a jackrabbit on a trampoline.

Chatbots integrate directly with your existing CRM and data to provide a personalized web experience for each visitor - whether they’re a student, parent, or alumni. That way, you can give them the information they want, even before they know what they’re looking for. 

You’re All About Your Homepage

Think beyond your homepage. Rarely are students typing in www dot collegename dot com anymore. Instead, students are searching for programs they are interested in and most likely first coming to your site from a Program Page. Sure, they’ll explore while they’re there, but you never know what door they’ll open first. 

academic program search

While you shouldn’t neglect your homepage, you better make sure your program pages are just as impressive and easy to navigate. It’s likely they’re the first thing prospective students will see.

Implementing a chatbot on your program pages is an easy way to provide immediate answers to specific questions about school programs to your website visitors. Plus, using Harmony’s included data analytics, you’ll be able to better understand which programs potential students are most interested in, and what questions they’re asking when considering going to your school. 

You’re Hiding Behind Forms

You’d love to personally guide each and every prospective student across the finish line, but there’s not enough time. So you try to include every piece of information they’ll need right on your website. And if they have questions, they can fill out a form - simple right? 

Wrong. Turns out, students hate forms. 

engage with chatbot stat

Students will engage faster with an institution that gives them immediate answers. 

A good bot (like Harmony) seamlessly hands off to a live chat when students need assistance beyond a chatbot’s capabilities. Plus, you can have fun proving you’re a real person to skeptical students. 

chatbot conversation are you a bot

Implementing a chatbot can put your school ahead of the game without a complete website overhaul. Remove confusion, provide personalized information or connect students directly with a human - all with just the implementation of a chatbot.

Bonus reason: the hours saved by AI are very real. And, because students enjoy a better website experience when things are easier to find, it’s a win-win. (Or, win-win-win, because we all win! That’s a lot of winning.) 

[GUIDE]  Does your college website need a chatbot, or something more? LEARN MORE


*All stats courtesy of 2021 RNL E-Expectations report


[GUIDE]  Does your college website need a chatbot, or something more? LEARN MORE