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Why your Mongoose CSL is your secret weapon

3 min read

Mongoose Client Success will Miyagi you to the All Valley Tournament Texting Championship.

You want to reach your students, but it’s possible some things are getting in your way:

  • There are only 24 hours in a day
  • Basic human willingness to be reached is rare
  • Your school is using your CRM/SIS to text
  • You possess zero secret weapons

A Client Success Lead (CSL) at Mongoose is responsible for guiding schools through the use of our texting platform, Cadence - that’s the ‘LinkedIn’ description for a CSL. What our schools find is that a Client Success Lead is an extra member of their team, working tirelessly to find new ways to connect with and engage their students. 

Full disclosure, Cadence is pretty easy to use. Our brainy engineers made sure of that. But Cadence is like a skateboard - you can simply scoot here and there or grind a rail to maximum engagement. The more you master the tool, the better results your students will achieve. Your CSL will show you the way.

First-class onboarding

When you think of onboarding, you might picture complicated manuals or poorly executed YouTube videos. The Mongoose Cadence onboarding experience is hyper-personalized and easy-to-follow.

Your CSL takes you step-by-step through Cadence implementation - not just showing you the fancy features but also giving you life-tested tips on how to get the most out of your texting platform. And the Cadence onboarding never stops. Your CSL is always a text/email/call away.

Drawing on experience

Our CSL team has actual higher ed experience. We work with hundreds of schools, and our CSLs take advantage of that experience to help their clients craft the right messages at the right time. In a recent Mongoose webinar, CSL Mike Kochczynski fielded a question about good examples of Giving Day texts for advancement. Please witness the sheer excitement of a man who loves his job and loves helping schools engage their audiences.



Mike would talk for hours about text messages. And, the more your CSL knows about your school, the better the advice - because every institution is different. Our clients have sent millions of texts over the years with Cadence, so we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. 

“Our team has loved using Cadence, and Mongoose customer service is excellent any time we have any issues.”

- Stephanie Hochstetler, Bethel University

Unmatched Client Love

Our CSLs care because they know and feel how much our clients care about their students. It’s a “caring” train. We stay late on Fridays because that’s the only time some college staff members have for meetings. We take pride in being a part of the teams across the country that help students get across the finish line.

Mongoose delivers personalized attention that is unrivaled in higher ed. We don’t just respond to your questions (we do respond, and quickly), we seek out ways to make you better at reaching students. 

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