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Text Messaging Software Designed Exclusively for Higher Ed

Build meaningful, personalized connections with students, parents, and alumni with Cadence, higher ed’s premier student engagement platform.

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From Prospective Applicant to Proud Alum, Support and Engage Students Throughout The Student Lifecycle

Easily break through the noise and reach students where they are with higher ed's premier texting platform. With time-saving features like campaigns, auto-response, and shared inboxes, Cadence is trusted by over 600 schools to deliver easy-to-manage, personalized texts to their students at mass scale.


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Seamless Integration With Your Existing Systems.

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Within a year of adopting Cadence, our partner schools report:

  • Increased enrollment
  • Higher retention rates
  • Higher event attendance rates
  • Reduced summer melt
  • Increased fundraising dollars



Solutions Across the Educational Journey

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Student Recruitment

Connect with and engage prospective students.

Enrollment Management 

Meet application and enrollment goals through personalized messaging.

Financial Aid

Support students with the resources they need to make educated financial decisions.

Student Success

Increase retention and on-campus involvement among current students.


Improve alumni relations, stewardship, and donations.

Your Goals Are Our Goals.

The Best Support in Higher Education.

Unparalleled, unlimited, and free personalized support ensures you get the maximum return on your investment in Cadence.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say.


Key Features

Cadence allows staff to efficiently reach students and alumni in their preferred communication channel – texting. With time-saving features like campaigns, auto replies, templates, and shared inboxes, your team can work smarter, not harder.


Any Device, Any Time

Thanks to the flexibility of managing messages through any web browser or the Cadence mobile app, staff will always be in a position to engage with contacts and inspire action.

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No Installation Required

You read that right, and yes, your IT team will thank you. Cadence is a cloud-based, secure platform that requires no investment from your IT team. Choose from multiple data integration options to ensure your information system is always up-to-date.


Quick to Learn & Easy to Use

Cadence gives your staff a way in. Texting is the top-rated channel for communicating with students and alumni. Forward-thinking institutions are improving their enrollment and student outcomes with enterprise text messaging.


Shared Inboxes

Allow multiple team members to manage a single texting account from a Shared Inbox, making campaigns more efficient and producing a better experience for your contacts.


Automation & Smart Messages

Save staff time with Smart Messages. Cadence will interpret incoming texts and respond automatically if the student’s intent is known with a high degree of certainty, while also notifying staff when a human needs to intervene.


Reporting & Analytics

Cadence has saved teams weeks in monthly reporting work. Metrics such as reply rate, delivery rate, and sent message totals are available at a team, user, and individual message level. Exports include all text messages, opt-out changes, and undelivered messages.



Segments allow you to break your contact database into groups based on specific criteria - think by location, graduate year, etc. Target messages by segment or create lists to send more effective, personalized communications.



Organize, understand, and report on specific outreach initiatives. Cadence campaigns empower you to more efficiently and effectively reach your institution's goals.


Message Identification

Tag specific incoming messages for the purposes of additional follow-up, continued tracking of specific contacts, or task generation. Think CRM updates, retargeting, and more!


We've been able to meet prospective students where they are as opposed to sending yet another email that students won't read. We're able to build relationships faster than ever before because students know they have a real person on the other end of the line.
Jeff Scharl, Assistant Director of Admissions
Alfred University
We love the ease of use, the sleek, modern feel, and the feedback and response that we receive from students via text compared to email and phone calls. We love everything about Cadence!
Lowell Ferguson, CRM Coordinator
Campbell University
Implementing Cadence has allowed us to efficiently reach out and communicate with our students throughout their entire life-cycle; from recruitment through alumni.
David Detar, Senior Admissions Advisor
Rosedale Technical College
The level of support and access we have to the Cadence team ensures that we stay on track and never feel alone in our efforts.
Brittany Claridge, Assistant Director and First Year Experience
Johns Hopkins University

Begin building meaningful, personalized connections with students, parents, and alumni today.

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“Our enrollment went up, our drop rate went down, and we have more students attending our orientation than ever before.”
Brian Jackson, Application Support Specialist,
McLennan Community College