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Empower Your Texts with Bulk MMS

From the memes filling our social feeds to GIFs populating our text threads, visual communication is the new norm. your text recipients expect dynamic, personality-filled messages from you. See how our Bulk MMS add-on can make an impact in your institution's communications. 



Cadence Campus, Live | September 2023


Join your Mongoose team as we share what we've been up to over the summer during the first in a series of monthly Cadence Campus, Live webinars.

Cadence Campus, Live

DEI and the Learning Design Process


Laurie Pulido, CEO at Ease Learning, joins FYI host Gil Rogers for a conversation about what learning design is, and how institutions can use learning design in online educational spaces with D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives to benefit and more naturally motivate students and schools in meaningful ways.


Turning Down the Temperature With Vendor Relationships


Teresa Valerio Parrot, the TVP behind TVP Communications, shares her perspectives on how higher education institutions and vendors can work better together to support student success.


Engaging the Visual Generations


From the memes filling our social feeds to GIFs populating our text threads, visual communication is the new norm. Today’s students, parents, and alumni expect your messages to be visually engaging. Are you meeting this expectation? Join Mongoose's Senior Client Success Lead Juliet Pacer and Creative Director Bill Kufel to learn how to make your campus communications stand out in Cadence.

Engaging the Visual Generations

Compliance Chat: A Q&A about Text Messaging Deliverability


Higher ed leaders brought their questions about all things text messaging compliance and deliverability to Mongoose's compliance experts.

Zoom-Compliance Header_800x300-1

The Changing Landscape of SMS Compliance


Mongoose OG's, Andrew Veatch and Jon Caruso, give us a master class in understanding regulations impacting the way we use SMS to reach and engage our audience.


Content Marketing in Higher Ed


Higher Education content marketing expert, Kyle Campbell, joins the FYI podcast to deliver some insightful advice for institutions seeking to grow enrollment impact.


The Admissions Hype Machine and Advice from an Independent Education Consultant


We're joined by a leading Independent College Counselor (IEC) that helps us uncover what's causing the most stress for students and their families while sharing advice for standing out from the crowd.

Excited student reading a text message on her smartphone with an open laptop rested in her lap

The Biggest Challenges Facing Enrollment Professionals: A Discussion


We're joined by enrollment marketing leader and host of The Application podcast, Allison Turcio, for an open and candid discussion about the key challenges that continue to impact enrollment marketing professionals.

hands typing in front of a laptop showing data with reports

A Belonging Boost: 3 Ways to Create Community through Digital Communication

Video | Best Practices | Use Cases

Listen in as Eastern Washington University leaders share how they use Cadence to connect with students.

EWU Campus

EngagEd: A Virtual Mongoose Masterclass

Product | Video | Best Practices | Use Cases | Training

Hear from Mongoose leaders and industry experts about ChatGPT, AI, Customer service best practices, Cadence insights, and more from our first virtual client summit, EngagEd, that took place in April 2023.


Social Media Accessibility 101 with Alexa Heinrich

FYI | Video | Best Practices

Alexa Heinrich, an award-winning social media strategist and accessibility advocate, sits down with FYI Host, Gil Rogers, to discuss best practices for creating content that is more accessible to all audiences - including the do's and don'ts of alt text and emojis, as well as how creating accessible content has an impact on your marketing efforts.

two women look at a computer with images that need alt text

Are We in a ChatGPT Crisis?

FYI | Video | Best Practices

In a special live episode, Gil sits down with Nathan Kahl, director of communications at George Mason University. They discuss the evolution of communication and the platforms we use to communicate, the importance of building authentic relationships and interactions, and using ChatGPT in higher ed.

female student uses chatgpt on her phone while it hides in a textbook

The Impact of Text Nudges on Student Retention

FYI | Video | Best Practices

Dr. Ann Lyn Hall, CEO of Prosperity Works, joins us to discuss the economic impact a degree has on students and their families. The episode also highlight's her dive into research on sending strategic text nudges and how the timing of those nudges has a significant impact on retention.

Black female student wearing light denim looks at her cellphone and smiles

Admissions Denied: Inequity on College Campuses

FYI | Video

Social-organizational psychologist Dr. Leanna Son Hing joins us to discuss inequity on college campuses, specifically in the world of admissions. She uncovers many hidden biases using real-world examples and offers tips for colleges and universities to create a culture of support at their institution.


AI and Academia: ChatGPT in Higher Education

FYI | Video

Mongoose leaders join us on FYI to talk about the biggest trend in tech, ChatGPT. Hear exactly what ChatGPT is, how it is being leveraged in higher ed, and how students and staff can benefit from its abilities.


Cadence Chat 101

Product | Video | Training

Enjoy a mini demo of Cadence Chat.

Cadence Chat Thumbnail

Learn More About Bulk MMS

Product | Best Practices

Text recipients expect dynamic, personality-filled messages. See how Cadence's Bulk MMS add-on can make an impact on your current communications.

Student texting (1)

The Future of Higher Ed with Bryan Alexander

FYI | Video

Higher Ed Futurist Bryan Alexander joins FYI Host Gil Rogers to talk about what's on the horizon for the industry. They touch on topics like augmented and virtual reality, why institutions should prioritize climate change, the pandemic's effects on staff and faculty, what's important to college students today, and more.


Belonging, Trust and the Student Journey

Webinar | Best Practices

Mongoose partnered with The Chronicle of Higher Education to host a Virtual Forum, “Belonging, Trust, and the Student Journey”. Hear directly from higher ed minds about how institutions like yours can better serve students.


Let's Talk About Users

Product | Webinar | Video | Training

Learn best practices and practical examples of the features available to you as a Cadence User in this exclusive bootcamp training.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 3.57.40 PM

All Admin Access Pass

Product | Webinar | Video | Training

Dive back into what the admin role is capable of in Cadence with Mongoose's engagement experts in this exclusive bootcamp training.

All Admin Access Pass

3 Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) for Higher Ed

Use Cases | Product | Best Practices

SSO for Cadence adds an extra layer of data security while streamlining the login experience for your team. Reach out to your Client Success Lead to see if your system is compatible.

SSO Cadence Blog Header (1)

Buena Vista Achieves $135,588 in Net New Tuition Revenue with Chat

Use Cases | Product

Mongoose's chat solution generated 234 new student inquiries, enrolling 20 additional students and $135,588 in net new tuition revenue.

Cadence Campus Thumbnail - Buena Vista University Case Study

Looking Ahead at 2023 with Scott Jaschik

FYI | Video

Scott Jaschik, Founder and Editor at Inside Higher Ed, highlighted the top 10 admissions issues of concern in 2023 and signs of hope for the year ahead.

FYI with Scott Jaschik

Shelton State Community College Achieves a 68% Increase in Dual Enrollment with Cadence Chat

Use Cases | Product

Shelton State Community College sees enrollment rates surge in their first year and dual enrollment populations using the Cadence Engagement Platform.

Cadence Campus Thumbnail - Shelton State Case Study

Why 750+ Institutions Love Cadence

Best Practices | Use Cases | Product

More than 750 colleges and universities use Cadence to text and chat with prospective and current students, their families, alumni, and donors to make it easier for them to reach their goals. See what some of them love most.

Faculty Texting

University of Central Oklahoma Reduces Campus No-Shows with Cadence Text

Use Cases | Product

Within six months of adopting Cadence Text, UCO reduced the number of no-shows for campus visits and was better able to engage applicants.

Cadence Campus Thumbnail - UCO Case Study

15 Texting Templates for Student Success


These texting templates make it easier for your Student Success team to communicate with current students, which can ultimately increase retention.


Frostburg State University Reduces Melt by 3% with Cadence Text

Use Cases | Product

FSU uses Cadence Text to improve parental engagement, collect qualitative research, streamline the admissions process, and prevent student melt.

Cadence Campus Thumbnail - Frostburg State Case Study

Successful Texting Campaigns to Engage Students and Alumni

Product | Best Practices

Helping students and alumni is a tricky business - they need your help, but will often ignore messages. To run a successful texting campaign, the first thing your institution needs to do is develop a strategy.

College Students (1)

South Texas Community College Sees 20-30% Response Rates with Cadence Text

Use Cases | Product

South Texas Community College sees consistently high text response rates compared to other outreach channels, stabilizing enrollment and improving the student experience.

Cadence Campus Thumbnail - South Texas CC Case Study (1)

15 Texting Templates for Advancement


These texting templates make it easier to communicate with alumni, which can help your Advancement team meet its fundraising and stewardship goals.


Representation in Technology: Creating A Safe Space for Esports

FYI | Video

Dr. Kishonna Gray, who researches gaming within Black communities and the harassment that exists joined a For Your Institution episode to discuss representation in technology and offer her unique insight.

FYI Frame Thumbnail- YouTube

More Human With Tech: How To Build Relationships That Last

Video | Use Cases

Current Cadence users working in admissions, student success, and advancement joined us for an industry panel discussion hosted by Inside Higher Ed. They shared their experience using technology to connect with their audiences.

Meeting with student

6 Texting Templates to Start a Conversation

Product | Best Practices

We asked institutions to send us some of their most successful templated messages to use at the start of a semester, for event reminders, or really whenever. Here are some of our favorites.

Planning calendar

Preparing for the 2025 Enrollment Cliff & Other Higher Ed Challenges

FYI | Video

An FYI discussion looked at what institutions around the country are doing to prepare for the 2025 Enrollment Cliff. Mongoose’s Kelly Iler and Jeff Meece offered their insight on the subject.


Reinventing the Student Journey

Video | Use Cases

Mongoose + The Chronicle of Higher Education hosted an industry panel that discussed how they are modernizing the college journey for prospective and current students, as well as alumni, based on needs at institutions across the country.

Student searching

Cadence Features Our Clients Love

Product | Best Practices

We asked some of the 750+ institutions we work about their favorite texting features and how they use them. Here’s what they said.

Chatting on computer

How To Maximize Your Giving Tuesday Campaigns

FYI | Video

Giving Tuesday is around the corner! Maximize your institution's fundraising campaigns and make the biggest impact with donors and alumni with these tips.

Maximize your Giving Tuesday campaigns

Beyond the Basics: How to Use Advanced Features in Cadence

Product | Webinar | Video | Training

Enjoy a summary of the advanced features covered in our Cadence Bootcamp, such as Smart Messages, Auto-Reply, and Tags. This training is for admins and all other users.

hands typing on computer

The Evolution of Cadence


Cadence has evolved, with the addition of Cadence Chat to the platform. See how our product has improved over the years and how adding chat solutions can help you make every message count.

person texting on phone with computer nearby

Turning Your Undergraduate Alumni Into Grad Students

FYI | Video

Trying to recruit graduate students? Try your undergraduates who are getting ready to graduate and your alumni. Hear tips from our guests who did just that in this episode of For Your Institution.

undergrad alumni into grad students

A Parent's Perspective on College Tours

Best Practices

Hear a parents perspective on what's stood out during college tours taken with his two incoming freshman with this podcast episode.

father and son look at college counselor

How Colleges Can Best Support Prospective Students & Their Families

FYI | Video

Institutions have the best intentions to create a thoughtful and thorough admissions process. But, the college search process can become unwieldy for prospective students and their families.

how college can support students and their families

15 Texting Templates for Admissions


Make communicating with prospective students easier and more efficient with the help of these 15 SMS texting templates specifically for Admissions!

male college student texting

How Digital Technology is Impacting Higher Ed

FYI | Video

Students want quick answers and instant gratification from the college and universities they’re looking into.

how digital tech is impacting higher ed

Communicating With Post-Traditional College Students

Best Practices

With a juggling act of life, family, and work, communicating effectively with post-traditional learners can seem daunting. But, once you recognize their unique needs, your communication strategy is easier to tailor to make the journey smoother for staff and students alike.

older students drinking coffee while on computer

Strategic Communications to Engage Your Audience

FYI | Video

An impactful communication strategy and it’s execution are important elements of any higher ed engagement. This FYI episode discusses key ways to engage audiences in the upcoming academic year.

strategic comms to engage your audience

2022 Admissions Outlook

Best Practices | Guide

A recent survey of 150 university leaders by Mongoose and studioID’s Higher Ed Dive confirmed that the shift, already underway, heightened during the pandemic.


Scheduling Text Messages to Make Communicating Easier

Product | Best Practices

Cadence’s text message scheduling allows you to schedule one-off messages or even better, the ability to schedule recurring messages.

hands at computer

What Is Diversity In Higher Education?

FYI | Video

Dr. Yancey Gulley from Western Carolina University shares his research and insight on what diversity means in higher education, and how institutions can do better.

what is diversity in higher education

Lessons Learned Through CRM Texting

Panel Event | Best Practices

Hear first-hand from schools how they are leveling up engagement numbers by integrating their CRM with Cadence, saving staff time and helping more students.


How To Increase Donor Participation

FYI | Video

The more engaged your audience is, the more alumni members will participate in your donation efforts. Your audience is out there but it’s up to you to make them interested in what you have to say.

increase donor participation

Automation & Segmentation: A Valid Way To Engage Efficiently Via Text

Product | Best Practices

Automation is an essential part of the Cadence platform, allowing users to continue answering texts in a quick yet meaningful and human way.

hands typing on laptop

Texting Compliance FAQs & Resources

Guide | Best Practices

Use these resources to ensure that you're texting as effectively as possible and reducing any risk with telecommunications carriers.

female student on her phone

Cornell's Secret Sauce for Higher Ed Marketing

FYI | Video

Ashley Budd, the Director of Marketing Operations for Alumni Affairs and Development at Cornell University, gives tips and advice on their institutions alumni engagement strategies.

Cornell's secret sauce

Cadence → Recruit Integration


Cadence now integrates with Ellucian Recruit! Take your texting strategy to the next level with bi-directional automation between your CRM and Cadence. Build better, more personalized connections with students, parents, and alumni.

cadence and recruit

Creating Authentic Belonging

FYI | Video

A majority of higher education institutions tout a certain key message when recruiting prospective students: You belong here. However, once a student begins their first year, the message can quickly change.

creating authentic belonging

Cadence 101


Discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about using (and mastering) the Cadence student engagement platform, with explanations of the key features Cadence offers!

cadence 101

Storytelling: Your Competitive Advantage

FYI | Video

With a diverse student population and extensive list of alumni, there is no shortage of stories to tell on your campus. You just have to find them, and tell them effectively.

storytelling: your competitive advantage

This is a How Texting Across Campus Brought Success to Grand Rapids Community College

Case Study

This case study from GRCC shows how they used texting to reach students across multiple departments.

two female college students checking text messages

Engagement Strategies to Reduce Summer Melt

FYI | Video

Finances, confusion over processes, and lack of engagement with an institution are among the biggest reasons a student will decide not to attend classes in the fall.

engagement strategies to reduce summer melt

6 Tips for Communicating with Gen Z Students

Best Practices

Learn these 6 tips to better communicate with Gen Z students, from building relationships with stakeholders to creating value throughout the student journey.


The Evolution of Technology in Recruitment

FYI | Video

The schools that best utilize their tools and information systems will have success communicating with and actually reaching students.

the evolution of tech in grad recruitment

How OCC Revolutionized Student Success with Texting

Case Study

After exploring pain points, OCC administrators discovered the biggest issue for students’ was the complexity of college processes and that the school needed to make changes to help more students reach graduation.

students standing in a line texting

Managing Burnout Across Your Campus

FYI | Video

The pain points for higher ed professionals are numerous. When there are never enough hours in the day and limited resources to tackle endless to-do lists, there's bound to be burnout amongst faculty and staff.

managing burnout across campus

Using Cadence Analytics to Improve Texts

Product | Best Practices

Designed to make it easier and more efficient to use data, Cadence Analytics will help you improve how your school uses the texting platform, leading to better outcomes.

student looking optimistic

How to Plan Successful Engagement Campaigns

FYI | Video

Whether you're communicating with prospective students, current students, parents, or alumni, you need to have a strategy in place. We've outlined the steps to execute a successful higher ed engagement campaign.

how to plan successful engagement campaigns

Consent and Opt-In Best Practices Updates

Guide | Best Practices

This article protects and empowers you with the information around obtaining consent with increased carrier sensitivity to high opt-out rates and spam complaints.

hands holding a phone

10 Best Practices for Texting Students

Best Practices

While texting is a powerful way to engage prospective and current college students, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Here are some tips for effective SMS texting at your college or university.


Rethinking Parent Engagement

FYI | Video

With the influence from families on a student’s college decision being tremendous, rethinking your parent engagement strategy is worth considering.

rethinking parent engagement

How ETSU Uses Data to Text Students

Case Study

The admissions department at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) has had success reaching prospective students by using data to text and personalizing messages.

ETSU Drone Panorama

Building a Texting Strategy for Current Students

Best Practices | Guide

This guide will help you identify attainable goals for your department and then show you how to install a plan to reach them, including important best practices to avoid pitfalls and increase your reach.

two students doing homework

Higher Ed Trends to Watch

FYI | Video

Higher ed has evolved dramatically in the past several years. A look at current trends can help guide you in making the right decisions for your students and faculty.

higher ed trends to watch in 2022

Modern Giving Day Strategies

FYI | Video

With traditional fundraising methods becoming outdated, your advancement teams may be wondering how to make the most significant impact with this year’s giving day.

modern giving day strategies

2021 Higher Ed Website Benchmarks

Best Practices

Colleges and universities spend the majority of their marketing budgets driving people to their websites. But what happens once they get there?

website metrics on tablet

Top Tips for Yield, Enrollment, and Retention

FYI | Video

How do you make your school stand out? How do you get interested students through the funnel as friction-free as possible? In what ways can you keep your current students happy and engaged?

top tips for yield, enrollment, and retention

How To Reach Community College Students

Best Practices

It’s no secret: Community colleges have borne the brunt of enrollment fallouts. So, how can you reach potential students and keep current students enrolled engaged?

group of community college students

The Modern Framework to Higher Ed Budget Planning

Best Practices

With smaller teams, more staff turnover, and less money to spend, higher ed institutions are forced to look more strategically at annual budget planning.

budget planning

The Legalities of Texting in 2022: What You Need to Know

FYI | Video

Between gathering consent, avoiding spam-like messages, and understanding compliance standards, there are legalities that come with texting you need to know. So, where do you start?

the legalities of texting in higher ed

When, How, and How Often to Text for Higher Ed

Best Practices

You want to be there to help and support students, but you don’t want to annoy them or overstep your welcome. The good news is, it’s not as hard as you think to find balance in your texting cadence.

female college student on her phone

Bulk Imports & Contact Management in Cadence

Product | Webinar | Video | Training

Enjoy this recording from our first ever Cadence Bootcamp, where our Client Success experts walk you through all of the phases of manual contact management. This training is specific for admins.

man using his cellphone

What Students Want- Insights Into the Future of Higher Ed

Best Practices | Webinar

Zach Busekrus, founder of Enrollify joined us to talk about what students want from your school and how they prefer to be communicated with.

student thinking about what they want

Why your CRM Isn't Built for Texting

Best Practices

Your college's CRM is a powerful tool in your communication strategy. But using your CRM's texting features to engage with students is complicated and might cause problems.

hands holding cellphone

How To Involve Parents at Your Institution

Best Practices

The future of parent and family engagement is here, and parent involvement in the college experience is at an all-time high.

father helping his son on the computer

Recruiting First-Generation College Students

Best Practices

First-generation students are among the most highly sought in higher ed.So what strategies should you use?

group of first-generation students

Helping Students Utilize On Campus Mental Health Resources

Best Practices

Helping students cope with mental health is difficult for a number of reasons. But it’s important to try, and keep trying.

male college student with his hands over his face, stressed

Challenges & Opportunities in Online Learning

Best Practices

Student engagement is a top priorities for online programs. Colleges and institutions need to adopt tech solutions to streamline their strategies and personalize at scale.

female college student using her computer

Bulldozer Parents & Their Role in the College Search Process

Best Practices

Move over helicopter parents, we've officially entered the reign of the bulldozer parent. And as bulldozer parents enter the scene, you need to revisit your student recruitment strategy.

two parents on their cellphone

How Often Should I Be Texting Students?

Best Practices

You want to help students, but you don’t want them throwing their phones in a river because they’re so sick of the constant buzzing from your outreach.

woman texting on her phone

9 Giving Day Strategies that Drive Results

Best Practices | Video | Webinar

Colleges and universities have a golden opportunity to raise critical funds in a turbulent time for higher ed, and a successful Giving Tuesday is crucial for schools facing tough financial situations.

100 dollar bills

4 Ways To Use Message Identification Tags To Improve Your Texting Strategies


When you’re texting with hundreds of students, sometimes daily, we know how hard it can be to keep track of incoming messages.


Supporting Students Through COVID-19

Video | Webinar

Students are reporting COVID-19 mental health challenges but not taking advantage of your support services. What's the disconnect?


4 Hyper-Personalized Communication Tactics Other Schools Aren’t Using

Best Practices

The pedestal on which we’ve placed a higher education is not quite as tall as it was twenty years ago. Your audience is intelligent and used to convenience.

young woman using her phone

Reaching Young Alumni

Best Practices

The moment they throw their hat in the air and post a diploma pic, they’re alumni. And you shouldn’t be waiting to reach till then to start a relationship.


Rev the Enrollment Engine: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Website for Student Recruitment

Video | Webinar

While your school's website is loaded with information, it's hard for students to sort through it all. A virtual assistant can help.

student wearing headphones

3 Ways to Reach Your Loftiest Fundraising Goals with Texting

Best Practices

No pressure, Advancement teams! Just reach all of your fundraising goals. It should be easy, right? Well certainly, if you're texting.


Personality Traits of Parents of Gen Z Students

Best Practices

When it comes to parents of Gen Z students, they want to be involved in every step of the enrollment process. Here are some tips to keep them engaged.


Texting Policy Template


Use our non-emergency text messaging policy template as your guide. Every college's approach to texting is different, so make it your own, edit as necessary, publish, and share.


4 Ways to Reduce Melt You Haven’t Tried

Best Practices

If you think you and your staff have tried everything to reduce melt at your college or university, try some of these communication methods.


15 Texting Templates for Graduate Enrollment


These templates make it easier and more efficient to communicate with students throughout the graduate enrollment process.


15 Texting Templates to Improve Yield & Reduce Melt


These sample texts and SMS templates make it easier and more efficient to communicate with prospective students, improving yield and reducing summer melt.


How Johns Hopkins University Uses Student Mentor Texting for Retention

Case Study

Learn how Johns Hopkins University is utilizing student mentors to text first-year students and increase retention.

Businesswoman text messaging on mobile phone in office at night

Best Practices for Cadence and Slate


A robust guide that explains the best ways to get the most out of Slate, a powerful CRM, and Cadence to maximize your school’s investment.

woman using a computer to access a CRM

Developing a Texting Communications Plan for Current Students


You need a plan before you start texting, and this robust guide runs down everything you need to know to develop a texting plan for current students.


How Eastern Washington University Reinvented Communications with Cadence

Case Study

A smart, well-defined strategy - This case study covers EWU's journey with texting to engage students, simplify processes, and increase staff efficiency.


15 Texting Templates for Group/Team Accounts


This guide will show you how to best utilize a group account in Cadence, complete with helpful texting templates to save your staff time.


6 Smart Uses of Texting in Advancement


Texting alumni and donors can be a game-changer if done correctly. Here are six smart uses of texting in advancement to increase engagement and pledges.

Texting in advancement-1

When (And When Not) to Use Automated Text Messages


Discover the best times to use automated messages in your communications plan, as well as the times a more personal approach is needed.


What is a Team Lead?


This handy reference will run down the description and all of the responsibilities of a Cadence Team Lead, so you can choose your texting team carefully.


Texting for a Two Year School


Community and Technical schools face unique challenges. This Case Study shows how texting can increase reach with students and alumni.


Texting for Adults and Non-Trad Students


Templates for texting remote learners that will save time for the staff in every department across your campus. These templates help you stay on point with text messages.


10 Cross-Campus Texting Templates to Ensure Best Practices

Templates | Blog

The quick blog runs down the best times to use automated messages in your communications plan, as well as the times a more personal approach is needed.


6 Tips to Crafting Text Messages That Make the Grade


Not everyone’s a writer. This quick read will give you some great tips on crafting better, more-engaging text messages.


Smart Integration Leads to Texting Success at Jacksonville State

Case Study

This case study from Jacksonville State University shows how the school utilizes clever CRM integration with Mongoose Cadence to gain impressive results in student engagement.


5 Metrics That Matter When Texting Students


How do you know if students are reading your texts? Determine the metrics to measure your engagement rates and how to improve them.


How Florida Southern College Builds Relationships with Texting

Case Study

This case study highlights the intelligent, effective texting strategy implemented by Florida Southern College in reaching students and potential students.


How Carroll University improved student outcomes with texting

Case Study

This case study covers best practices and strategies for texting current and prospective students and creative ways to gain opt-ins.


Texting Across the Enterprise

Guide | Templates

This in-depth texting guide takes you across every department on campus, complete with helpful texting templates.


4 Ways to Increase Student Retention with Texting


Texting allows you to build engagement with current students without being intrusive, increasing retention and keeping them on track for graduation.

woman with book on face

Are you using Cadence to Its Full Potential?

Discover all the ways you can use our engagement platform to benefit your institution.