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New User Guide

Use the videos below to learn more about the features that Cadence offers!


First steps into Cadence

Profile settings:

Manual import:

Take a look at our How To Get Started article here!


Advanced features of Cadence


Shared inboxes: 

Sent message details:

Admin notification emails:

Best practices:


Knowledge Base


Our Knowledge Base is home to all of our Cadence user resources. Here you can find helpful articles and FAQ’s related to Cadence. 



A central location within Cadence that allows admins and users to have access to a particular set of data.

The Admin role provides full access to users within a specific team.  A user can be an Admin in one team or in multiple teams. They also have the ability to be an Admin in one team, while being a non-Admin user in another one.

A user will have an individualized Cadence login and will be able to access data and information associated with the team it is created in.

Shared Inbox:
Shared inboxes are team-specific, inboxes that multiple users can access. They are intended for a team-based approach to texting outreach. Shared inboxes allow you to reach larger groups of contacts at once more efficiently than user accounts.

Segments are groups or lists of contacts that can be set as recipients in a text message. By including multiple contacts in a segment, outreach can be more streamlined and effective, allowing you to reach more contacts with the same message at the same time. 

Campaigns allow you to track and report on activity related to a particular group of text messages. Once created, a campaign is automatically shared and accessible to all users in your Cadence team (including the associated reporting and statistics of the campaign).

Team Lead:
Your Cadence account supervisor with admin-level access, tasked with overseeing Cadence usage and guiding other staff members at your institution.

Voice forwarding:
By updating your Voice Call Forwarding number under your Cadence Profile settings, you will be able to forward any incoming voice calls from your Cadence number to the number that you provide us.

These are your constituents that have been imported into Cadence, these could be alumni, prospective students, or current students. 


These videos and glossary of Cadence terms are just a starting point. Please reach out to your Client Success Lead with any questions you may have!


Connect with your Client Success Lead

You can reach out to clientsuccess@mongooseresearch.com at any time to connect with your Client Success lead.