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Data Integration

Mongoose Cadence offers multiple data integration options that align with how your campus is already doing business.

  1. A simple file-based manual method
  2. An HTTP API and webhooks for custom integration projects
  3. Native, configuration-based integration packages for certain SIS/CRM systems

All three approaches

  • Can be used interchangeably and simultaneously
  • Can vary according to the campus department/team using the product
  • Follow the same rules for data validation
  • View the ERP/CRM as the system of record for all data
  • Offer bidirectional integration

Implementation Details

Cadence is incredibly quick and easy to implement on your campus. For a standard implementation using a virtual number and manual data imports, you can be up and running within three to four weeks — whether IT is involved or not.

Specific timelines will vary by campus based on various factors. For reference, a typical implementation takes about five total hours over the course of up to five separate meetings. Each campus is assigned a dedicated Client Success Lead. For many campuses, texting is a new initiative - so we are there to help you. To be sure you are doing it properly.

Some institutions have longer implementations when the custom development via our API is required.

Security and Privacy

Cadence is architected with security and privacy as highest priorities. Access to production software systems, databases, hosting environments, and infrastructure is strictly controlled, with permission granted for a few select individuals. Access and changes are audited and monitored, and access is only permitted for when necessary for operations.

ferpa & gdpr Compliance

Mongoose is fully compliant with the guidance and regulations put forth by FERPA and the EU GDPR regulations.

Keeping with the guiding principles of data privacy and transparency, we:

  • As a partner of the institution, ensure their students’ data is being managed safely and securely and that we can support the campus in guaranteeing necessary rights to those students
  • Seek to clearly define what data we collect and how we utilize it
  • Provide full functionality of our software with the smallest possible set of student data
  • Provide multiple means for keeping student data up to date, and the ability to have it removed on demand
  • Have implemented extensive product and process measures to provide for data integrity and safety

Our client institutions maintain 100% ownership and are in full control of their student data at all times. Our clients’ data is strictly confidential and we shall not disclose, reproduce, copy, publish, distribute, or use for any purpose other than allowing client access to our platform and provided services covered under our license agreements. Upon termination of agreements (or upon request), Mongoose agrees to export and/or permanently destroy any requested data as well as provide written confirmation of disposal.

Full details are provided in our privacy and compliance documentation.

Mongoose employee access to data

Mongoose utilizes an Employee Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. Mongoose enforces strict control over our employees’ access to your data and we are committed to ensuring that client data is not seen by anyone who should not have access to it. The control and ownership of customer data always remain in the hands of the institution. Data will be permanently destroyed no later than 30 days after a customer’s request or the termination of our relationship.

third party access to data

Mongoose agrees never to provide, sell, share, or otherwise expose client data to a third party, except in the situation where we have enlisted additional service providers to supply required functionality for Mongoose software and services.

data safeguards

The applications in the Mongoose suite of software have been written with an awareness of current web application security risks (following OWASP guidelines). The tools/frameworks have been selected for their ability to provide protection at a base level; making protection the standard during development, rather than an afterthought.

We employ strong password hashing, utilizing the PBKDF2 function with large unique salt values and a high iteration count - and also prevent users from choosing commonly used passwords, with a goal of making a brute force attack extraordinarily difficult.

Mongoose maintains a policy of least privilege when access to customer data, and production software systems are concerned. All such accesses are logged for audit purposes. All transport security is secured over HTTPS with a valid certificate and server configuration that is kept up to date and does not support any obsolete or insecure protocols or ciphers. Data is also encrypted at rest.

disaster recovery and business continuity plans

  • All hosted services and applications have redundancy both within their primary region and across multiple regions to ensure uptime and to provide support for a rapid failover if necessary.
  • Source code and essential business documentation is stored securely in redundant cloud locations to ensure access in the event of issues with employees and our physical office space.
  • Database and application backups are stored across multiple regions for disaster recovery as well.

security monitoring

  • Mongoose uses multiple tools for providing active security monitoring, alerting, and protection for web/database security vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Audit logs are captured for all activities and operations performed within our production-hosting environment.
  • Mongoose regularly performs security and penetration scans against the software in production. Clients are welcome to perform scans as well, provided that:
    a) Mongoose is notified in advance,
    b) Mongoose is provided a complete copy of the results
    c) Mongoose is given an opportunity to address any severe issues that are reported.

Hosting Infrastructure - 100% Cloud

With Cadence, there’s no software, hardware, or additional infrastructure for you to install, manage, or maintain. All our services are configured and hosted in a scalable and fault-tolerant environment.

Built-in redundancy within our primary hosting region, along with geographic replication to provide for both rapid failovers and for business continuity in the event of a disaster Microsoft Azure is the primary hosting environment, providing a high degree of physical, network, and application security – with security compliance, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 1, and SOC 2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud are also utilized on a smaller scale, for specific services.

Performance and Software Updates

We also place high value on reliability and simplicity—in both user interfaces and the infrastructure that functions beneath the surface. We also listen to our clients and use their feedback to continuously improve our platform.

  • Platform annual uptime exceeds 99.98%
  • SMS connectivity orchestrated across 3,200 carriers provides most reliable message delivery available
  • Support for all modern browsers and devices via a responsive web application and/or mobile application
  • Product updates are released frequently and without interruption to usage of our software. If it is determined that a product update will require forethought or planning by end users, we will always provide sufficient warning and documentation before the update occurs.


Mongoose software should be accessible to all of our users, both campus staff members and their students, regardless of disability or impairment. Providing excellent usability to all individuals is a core mission of our product development team.

We utilize the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 for our standards and set techniques for ensuring that our web-based software incorporates inclusive design and development practices and meets the accessibility needs for a broad range of individuals.

Our partners may sometimes request or refer to the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for determining accessibility. We recognize the value of completing this level of disclosure, but we find that the WCAG standards and guidance are more appropriate as they comprehensively focus entirely on web-based software.

If any part of our software is found to be inaccessible or presents difficulties in use for any of our partners, we will work together with each institution to determine the nature and severity of the issue and develop a plan to resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner.

Campus Staff

Campus staff users may interact with Cadence both via the web and a mobile application for Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

Utilizing the WCAG guidelines as outlined above, we’ve made an effort to ensure the web-based application is:

  • Perceivable - information is available in different formats. For example, both visually and via a screen reader
  • Operable - the software can be navigated, and the elements of the user interface can be activated regardless of how the web application is being viewed or interacted with
  • Understandable - the content and operation of the software is presented in a clear and useful format, regardless of user agent or assistive technology used

For users of our mobile applications, our application should work well in conjunction with the accessibility tools and features provided by the operating system software of the device. For more information, see Android or iOS (Apple).

If any part of the software is found to not meet those goals sufficiently, we work with the institution to determine the appropriate solution and implement it.


Currently, all student interaction related to Cadence occurs on the student’s mobile device in the form of text messages sent and received. The accessibility features provided by smartphones varies based on the manufacturer and operation system involved, but we have found that most modern smartphones provide sufficient accessibility features for their internal text messaging application.

For more information see the links above for accessibility features provided by both Android and iOS.

To report any accessibility issues found in our software, please contact

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