The medium of choice.

Students and alumni are more connected than ever.

Cadence works because texting works.

 Texting works because it’s nearly impossible to ignore a phone buzzing in your pocket. As a result, the open and read rates for text messages are virtually 100%. Not only has it become the ubiquitous method of communication in everyday life, it’s truly preferred over emails, phone calls and cluttered social media feeds. 

Designed for the enterprise.

Students & Alumni

  • Comfortable; empowers a sense of control
  • Brief, non-intimidating message lengths
  • Efficient, easy, and accessible


  • Personal phone numbers are never revealed
  • Accessible on all platforms
  • Staff engage at their convenience
  • Ultra efficient

Built exclusively for higher education.

Cadence is constantly improving, thanks to candid feedback from our beloved clients. We’ve helped over 400 institutions implement texting to achieve higher yield percentages, higher on-campus participation, more on-time graduates, and more active (and generous) alumni. Client love permeates every aspect of who we are: support processes, our product, our people. Everything.

Our work is never done.

Starting day one, every partner institution is assigned a dedicated client success manager whose sole responsibility is to make sure you succeed. For many of our partner schools, texting is brand new. So we are there to help you. To be sure you are doing it properly.

“Our enrollment went up,
our drop rate went down, and we have more students attending our orientation than ever before.”

BRIAN JACKSON, Application Support Specialist,
McLennan Community College
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