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Careers at Mongoose

Client Love

Around our office, there’s one phrase that’s used over and over: “Client Love.” It’s because we love our clients. We go the extra mile to support them. And we truly feel that our success is only realized when our clients learn from our insights, get extraordinary results with our products, and excel at their jobs.

This Client Love seeps into every aspect of who we are: our client communications, our support processes, our publications, our products, our people. Everything.

Our Team

Mongoose employees are given flexibility to work from home as needed in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance. When in the office, we converge at 6506 East Quaker, Suite 202 because we kind of enjoy each other.

We intentionally keep our team small, and to us, hiring a new employee feels like hiring a family member - we take it very seriously, and we’re very picky. Since Mongoose’s inception in 2009, we’ve grown tremendously in number of clients, quality of work, and level of service. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Open Positions

Front-End Web Developer

About the position

Our product’s users, all staff members at higher education institutions, interface with our text messaging platform via a responsive web application and iOS and Android apps. You, as a front-end developer, will have an opportunity to shape their first experiences with our software.

The front-end components of our web application are built in Javascript using Angular. Our mobile applications are hybrid Ionic apps. You’ve got experience with React and Xamarin? That’s fine.  Wait, it was Vue and Swift? That’s also fine. Maybe you love Typescript and can convince us of the same. We don’t care. We’re looking for someone experienced in web development using a modern JavaScript framework along with HTML/CSS who really understands how the web works.

Maybe even more importantly, as a member of a very small team, you are guaranteed to make an impact as soon as your first day, even if it’s just screwing up the coffee. You’ll need to be both open-minded and willing to share your opinions - ready to learn and to teach. We won’t be the same team after you’re part of it; we’ll be better.

Primary responsibilities

  • Design, develop, and maintain the front-end portions of our applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools at your disposal
  • Design and develop our mobile applications (these are Ionic hybrid now, but may not be  forever)
  • Work with other team members on UI/UX concerns, including design, interactive prototyping, and user research
  • Work in concert with the rest of the development team to make new features a reality; coordinate efforts with folks working on the APIs, databases, and services
  • Provide support for other team members in marketing, sales, client consulting, and support

Not required, but a big plus

  • You have an awareness of and maybe even experience with some server-side development frameworks, languages, and patterns
  • You’ve been involved in building mobile apps
  • You have experience with WCAG and web accessibility concerns
  • Any experience with higher education (software or otherwise)
Interested? Send us a note, and if possible, include a link to something you’ve built or your Github or anything else that might show off your work and interests.

Client Success Operations Coordinator

About the position

We have an immediate opening for a full-time, entry-level operations coordinator that will work directly with our Client Success and Support teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Our Client Success team is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, revenue-generating activity, adding value to existing relationships, and creating new upsell opportunities, while our Support team manages client questions, concerns, and issues from a more technical standpoint.

This new hire must have a desire to develop and maintain resources, systems, and processes that improve the quality of client onboarding, along with execution of various projects as needed.

Primary job responsibilities

  • Act as a bridge between our Client Success and Support teams
  • Help facilitate the client onboarding process
  • Maintain records in our CRM (customer relationship management) tool, which is HubSpot
  • Manage client “thank you/reference” projects
  • Lead miscellaneous projects related to streamlining internal and external efforts


  • Willing to ask questions and seek input
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Adaptability and willingness to shift priorities or strategy in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience in or knowledge of higher education and/or relationship management is a plus
  • Excited to learn and grow
  • Tech savvy and comfortable running reports/learning new systems


  • Annual salary of $35,000-$40,000 based on experience and overall fit
  • Health insurance available (medical, dental) through Independent Health

How to apply

Interested? Please send your résumé and cover letter to our operations manager:

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