Lessons Learned Through CRM Texting

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CRMs are powerful tools that are essential to your communication strategy, so it’s important to get the most out of your school’s investment. Hear first-hand from schools how they are leveling up engagement numbers by integrating their CRM with a texting platform, saving staff time and helping more students.

We covered:
  • How to maximize results with your audience data
  • What modern higher ed engagement is and why it matters
  • The best technology for two-way texting communications
  • The drawbacks of CRM texting features and how to text effectively for higher ed


CRM Texting Costs More Than You Think


Your college's CRM is a powerful tool in your communication strategy. But using your CRM instead of a texting platform to engage with students can get complicated... and costly.

It's important to know if CRM texting will help, or hinder your student engagement efforts and whether you're going to see a return on your investment.


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