Mongoose Elevate 2018 User Retreat

Mongoose Elevate 2018 User Retreat

August 5-8, 2018 - Buffalo, NY

Curiosity drives transformation. Creativity is ignited by immersion. Collaboration breaks down barriers to solving problems. When we can build on each other’s ideas and experiences, we become better.
Check back soon for information on ELEVATE 2019.

Every detail of ELEVATE will focus on maximizing time for:

> Exchanging best practices with like-minded Mongoose power users

> Exploring the intersection between technology and culture, pulling raw inspiration from fine arts, sculpture, theater, and music

> Challenging yourself to cast aside old ways of thinking

> Cultivating strategies that can adapt to ever-changing environments

> Becoming change agents within your individual ecosystems

“In a word: inspiring. I left motivated to incite - and accelerate - real change.”
- Suzanne Petrusch, Presbyterian College