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DEI and the Learning Design Process


Laurie Pulido, CEO at Ease Learning, joins FYI host Gil Rogers for a conversation about what learning design is, and how institutions can use learning design in online educational spaces with D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives to benefit and more naturally motivate students and schools in meaningful ways.


Turning Down the Temperatures With Vendor Relationships


Teresa Valerio Parrot, the TVP behind TVP Communications, joins the FYI Podcast to discuss key issues impacting higher education institutions and their sometimes challenging relationships with vendors.


The Changing Landscape of SMS Compliance


Mongoose OG's, Andrew Veatch and Jon Caruso, give us a master class in understanding regulations impacting the way we use SMS to reach and engage our audience.


Content Marketing in Higher Ed


Higher Ed content marketing champion, Kyle Campbell, joins the FYI podcast to share his expertise and ideas for how institutions can best leverage content marketing to drive enrollment outcomes.


The Biggest Challenges Facing Enrollment Professionals: A Discussion


We're joined by enrollment marketing leader and host of The Application podcast, Allison Turcio, for an open and candid discussion about the key challenges that continue to impact enrollment marketing professionals.


The Admissions Hype Machine and Advice from an Independent Education Consultant


We're joined by a leading Independent College Counselor (IEC) that helps us uncover what's causing the most stress for students and their families while sharing advice for standing out from the crowd.


Social Media Accessibility with Alexa Heinrich

Communications | Diversity

Alexa Heinrich, an award-winning social media strategist and accessibility advocate, sits down with FYI Host, Gil Rogers, to discuss best practices for creating content that is more accessible to all audiences - including the do's and don'ts of alt text and emojis, as well as how creating accessible content has an impact on your marketing efforts.


Are We in a ChatGPT Crisis?

Admissions | Student Success | Advancement | Communications | Diversity

In a special live episode, Gil sits down with Nathan Kahl, director of communications at George Mason University. They discuss the evolution of communication and the platforms we use to communicate, the importance of building authentic relationships and interactions, and using ChatGPT in higher ed.


Admissions Denied: Inequity on College Campuses

Admissions | Student Success | Communications | Diversity

Social-organizational psychologist Dr. Leanna Son Hing joins us to discuss inequity on college campuses, specifically in the world of admissions. She uncovers many hidden biases using real-world examples and offers tips for colleges and universities to create a culture of support at their institution.


AI and Academia: ChatGPT in Higher Education

Communications | Technology

Mongoose leaders join us on FYI to talk about the biggest trend in tech, ChatGPT. Hear exactly what ChatGPT is, how it is being leveraged in higher ed, and how students and staff can benefit from its abilities.


The Future of Higher Ed with Bryan Alexander

Diversity | Communications

Higher Ed Futurist Bryan Alexander shared his thoughts on emerging technology, climate change, and the student's perspective of finding a college in our premiere episode of FYI Season 2.


Representation in Technology: Creating A Safe Space for Esports

Diversity | Communications

Dr. Kishonna Gray, who researches gaming within Black communities and the harassment that exists joined a For Your Institution episode to discuss representation in technology and offer her unique insight.

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Looking Ahead in 2023 with Scott Jaschik


Scott Jaschik, Founder and Editor at Inside Higher Ed, highlighted the top 10 admissions issues of concern in 2023 and signs of hope for the year ahead.

FYI -scott-jaschik

How To Maximize Your Giving Tuesday Campaigns

Advancement | Communications

Giving Tuesday is around the corner! Maximize your institution's fundraising campaigns and make the biggest impact with donors and alumni with these tips.

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Preparing For The 2025 Enrollment Cliff

Admissions | Communications

An FYI discussion looked at what institutions around the country are doing to prepare for the 2025 Enrollment Cliff. Mongoose’s Kelly Iler and Jeff Meece offered their insight on the subject.


Turning Undergrad Alumni Into Grad Students

Admissions | Communications

Trying to recruit graduate students? Try your undergraduates who are getting ready to graduate and your alumni. Hear tips from our guests who did just that in this episode of For Your Institution.


How Colleges Can Support Students & Their Families

Admissions | Student Success | Communications

Institutions have the best intentions to create a thoughtful and thorough admissions process. But, the college search process can become unwieldy for prospective students and their families.


How Digital Tech is Impacting Higher Ed

Admissions | Communications

An impactful communication strategy and it’s execution are important elements of any higher ed engagement. This FYI episode discusses key ways to engage audiences in the upcoming academic year.


Strategic Comms to Engage Your Audience

Admissions | Student Success | Advancement | Communications

An impactful communication strategy and it’s execution are important elements of any higher ed engagement. This FYI episode discusses key ways to engage audiences in the upcoming academic year.


What is Diversity in Higher Education?

Diversity | Communications

Dr. Yancey Gulley from Western Carolina University shares his research and insight on what diversity means in higher education, and how institutions can do better.


How to Increase Donor Participation

Advancement | Communications

The more engaged your audience is, the more alumni members will participate in your donation efforts. Your audience is out there but it’s up to you to make them interested in what you have to say.


Cornell's Secret Sauce for Higher Ed Marketing

Advancement | Communications

Ashley Budd, the Director of Marketing Operations for Alumni Affairs and Development at Cornell University, gives tips and advice on their institutions alumni engagement strategies.


Creating Authentic Belonging

Student Success | Communications

A majority of higher education institutions tout a certain key message when recruiting prospective students: You belong here. However, once a student begins their first year, the message can quickly change.


Storytelling: Your Competitive Advantage


With a diverse student population and extensive list of alumni, there is no shortage of stories to tell on your campus. You just have to find them, and tell them effectively.


Engagement Strategies to Reduce Summer Melt

Admissions | Communications

Finances, confusion over processes, and lack of engagement with an institution are among the biggest reasons a student will decide not to attend classes in the fall.


The Evolution of Technology in Recruitment

Admissions | Communications

The schools that best utilize their tools and information systems will have success communicating with and actually reaching students.


Managing Burnout Across Campus

Student Success | Communications

The pain points for higher ed professionals are numerous. When there are never enough hours in the day and limited resources to tackle endless to-do lists, there's bound to be burnout amongst faculty and staff.


How To Plan Successful Engagement Campaigns

Admissions | Student Success | Advancement | Communications

Whether you're communicating with prospective students, current students, parents, or alumni, you need to have a strategy in place. We've outlined the steps to execute a successful higher ed engagement campaign.


Rethinking Parent Engagement

Communications | Admissions

With the influence from families on a student’s college decision being tremendous, rethinking your parent engagement strategy is worth considering.


Modern Giving Day Strategies

Advancement | Communications

With traditional fundraising methods becoming outdated, your advancement teams may be wondering how to make the most significant impact with this year’s giving day.


Higher Ed Trends to Watch

Admissions | Student Success | Advancement | Communications

Higher ed has evolved dramatically in the past several years. A look at current trends can help guide you in making the right decisions for your students and faculty.

FYI-Trends22-Video (1)

The Legalities of Texting in 2022: What You Need to Know


Between gathering consent, avoiding spam-like messages, and understanding compliance standards, there are legalities that come with texting you need to know. So, where do you start?


The Impact of Text Nudges on Student Retention

Admissions | Student Success | Communications | Diversity

Dr. Ann Lyn Hall, CEO of Prosperity Works, joins us to discuss the economic impact a degree has on students and their families. The episode also highlight's her dive into research on sending strategic text nudges and how the timing of those nudges has a significant impact on retention.

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