Chatbots and conversational marketing: 
Higher ed's ticket to engagement right now

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It’s especially important now for colleges and universities to uplevel their website experiences by implementing sound conversational marketing strategies, specifically chatbot technology.

Communication is a challenge right now, and chatbots can help schools overcome barriers and increase efficiencies. Universities that provide an "old" experience and neglect to build a connection with website visitors, giving them what they want out of the site NOW, are going to lose to competitors (or, lose to apathy) moving forward.

Students and alumni visit a school’s website because they want quick information. Conversational marketing through chatbots allows you to efficiently answer questions and keep constituents engaged at the peak of their interest in your institution.

In this webinar, learn how an intelligent chatbot solution will:

  • Capture interest from prospective students and turn them into committed members of your institution.
  • Give current students and alumni who are craving to give back/stay connected an easy path to do so.
  • Answer inquiries immediately, or escalate to "live chat" when necessary.



  • Shana Kus

    As Harmony Product Manager with Mongoose, Shana Kus builds out a service offering that combines powerful chatbot technology, higher ed thought leadership stuff, and unparalleled client love. 
    Alongside the Harmony team, Shana works with our clients to implement, analyze, and evolve their chatbots, ensuring their site visitors are having the best possible website experience.
    A member of the Mongoose organization for almost 3 years with tons of client love experience under her belt, Shana excels in her role.


  • Otto

    Otto is the life of the party at Mongoose, always engaging in conversation and willing to help wherever needed, as long as “wherever” is our website. This friendly bot specializes in guiding our website visitors and helping them learn all about our products, people and services. In his spare time, he surfs the web and writes ‘Lost’ fan fiction.


  • Amy Kilpatrick

    Amy Kilpatrick, the Conversational Marketing Manager at Mongoose, is dedicated to providing strategic guidance to her clients in higher education. She oversees the technical implementation of the Mongoose tool Harmony, an intelligent chatbot solution. With a background in digital strategy and marketing, Amy ensures that colleges and universities have the tools they need to motivate and engage with students and alumni, ensuring that educational outcomes flourish.

Listen to the webinar now: