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Partnering With Mongoose

Building the future of higher ed, together.


Help us revolutionize how higher education institutions motivate, engage, and grow.

Higher Ed doesn't have to be complicated. Mongoose's software automates complex processes so colleges and universities can do what they do best, educate and engage students.

Our partnerships play a crucial role in creating solutions for our clients and all higher education.

Let's work together.


Solution Integration

Student engagement software needs to be simple to set up and easy to connect for higher ed institutions. We're always looking for integration partners to help our products, Cadence and Harmony, do more for our clients.


Who is a good fit?
Companies that provide information system(s) for higher ed whose customers could benefit from Mongoose's student engagement software.


Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships often span across marketing, integration, and more. Our strengths and solutions complement each other, driving true value for our shared stakeholders.


Who is a good fit?
Companies looking to transform the higher ed industry who can benefit from Mongoose's products, services, thought-leadership, and market position.



“Our partnerships drive welcome change for higher ed institutions, helping build meaningful connections with their students. We’re always looking for partners to grow with, improving the higher ed experience along the way.”

- Shana Kus, Partnerships Manager