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Supporting Students Through COVID-19

Creating a Hub for Student Support & Communication


Featured Speakers:

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Juliet Pacer
Client Success Manager | Mongoose

Juliet Pacer, client success manager at Mongoose, is dedicated to helping her portfolio of clients communicate effectively via texting. There is no better individual to share best practices for texting in higher ed than Juliet as she has first-hand experience. She previously served as an admissions counselor at Hilbert College, mastering Cadence, the texting platform developed by Mongoose.


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Zach Sandecki
Enterprise Client Success Lead | Mongoose

Zach is a valued Enterprise Client Success Lead at Mongoose, working tirelessly to help his clients achieve successful cross-campus communication. With a rich history in campus texting, Zach is a master at making sure schools use Cadence to effectively reach their audience.

Students are reporting COVID-19 mental health challenges but not taking advantage of your support services. What's the disconnect?

Student engagement experts Juliet Pacer and Zach Sandecki dive into the data around COVID-19 and student mental health, breaking down Inside Higher Ed’s article, “Students Struggle but Don’t Seek Colleges’ Help” with 12 actionable tips to help better support your students.


They also cover:

  • How to create an info and communication hub for student support
  • Best practices for inbound and outbound COVID and mental health-related communications
  • How to prepare an emergency communication plan

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95% of college students have experienced negative mental health symptoms as a result of COVID-19.

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