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values (noun, plural):

principles that guide behavior and, ultimately culture


values (noun, plural):

principles that guide behavior and, ultimately culture


(noun, plural):

principles that guide behavior and, ultimately culture

Our values define us.

When you consider the characteristics of the people you enjoy working with most, you can extract the intangible things about employees that earn them the ranking of "company's biggest asset."

At Mongoose - our values are embodied by each and every one of us. The more we embrace them individually, the better we work as one collective unit - driving our company toward continued success.


We are


A client can task us with a new method to help them succeed, but the odds are we’re already working on it.  Eyes and hearts open, we’re not afraid to explore new paths. With our passion and skill, we’re confident we’ll get it right.

We have a  

bias toward action.
In other words, we're scrapnasty.

When we have a good idea, we jump to plan and execute. Because failure is not only an option - it’s a way to learn.

We have 

high standards for our customers, ourselves, and the company.

Take ownership. Don’t just put your name on it, put everything you have into it. Make it you. Be proud of it. Put it on the refrigerator door. If it’s that good, then it’s good enough for our clients.



value and trust each other.

Being right isn’t the most important thing. Be curious about what others are saying. Listen to their ideas without immediately rushing to judgment, then bring them together with your ideas to come up with a better result.

We are 

intellectually secure.

Raising your hand and admitting when you don’t understand something is the only way to grow and learn. Keep your hand up until you understand. We encourage questions and experimentation. It helps everyone learn.

Interested in becoming a part of our #scrapnasty team?