Effective use of texting across the enterprise



Featured speakers:


Dr. Gregory J. Nayor
V.P. of Student Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
Daemen College


Matt Wallace
Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Plymouth State University


Mongoose moderator:


Amanda Torrelli
Director of Client Success


Panelists from Daemen College and Plymouth State University will speak with Mongoose’s Amanda Torrelli to share how they’ve implemented texting solutions. You’ll hear their success stories and best practices for enterprise texting.

The benefits of texting do not end with admissions. Learn how two campuses maximized the effectiveness of their communications platforms by enabling key departments to text with students. Texting helped solve issues with academic advising, financial aid, student activities, alumni relations and fundraising.

In this free, 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn how these two institutions took texting campus-wide to get better engagement with students throughout their lifecycles. This webinar will also discuss the factors that went into selecting a texting solution that met their immediate and long term needs.

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