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Communicating with parents of prospective students.

Before putting together a communications flow with parents, it is important to review: Who are today's parents? What are the most effective communication strategies? What mediums should you use?
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What you'll find in this document:

  • A step-by-step guide to the entire process.
    Parents crave information. By dedicating a spot on your website for parents and scheduling parent-specific events, you’ll show them how important they are to the process.
  • Tips on obtaining parents’ contact information.
    From campus visits to email correspondence, make sure your staff is reaching out to get parents’ contact info. Also, at least one-third of parents will seek a Request For Information (RFI) form on their phones, so make sure your RFI form is mobile-friendly.
  • Ideas on what you should be saying to parents.
    Give them the facts, and be honest and reassuring. When you’re upfront about the details of costs, majors, housing, and student life, you’re more likely to recruit an ally in convincing a student to choose your school.

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