3 ways to reach your loftiest fundraising goals with texting

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No pressure, Advancement teams! Just reach all of your fundraising goals during yet another wave of a pandemic and national crisis. COVID and the subsequent Delta variants aren’t giving your team a free pass from reaching fundraising goals. So how do you raise appropriate funds? Texting can help.

Building relationships

We as a society have forgone eye contact for texting. It’s the preferred method of communication. So, it makes sense that you should utilize it if you want to actually reach alumni.

Texting is the perfect medium for short, back-and-forth conversations. People are naturally going to have questions about what your school is doing about COVID and how their contributions are being used. Texting allows you to quickly answer those questions and provide info. 

Craft text messages that people would actually want to receive. Make it conversational and engaging, not overly formal. Just make sure your first text isn’t a donation push. People don’t rush to give gifts to unlisted contacts who begin conversations with requests.

Putting your data to work

“How’s school going?” - A popular question every single adult person on earth will use to start a conversation with a child, because they know there’s a good chance that child is in school. It’s what we in the business call an “ice-breaker.” 

The point is, it’s easier to start a dialogue when you have information. It’s quite terrifying to talk to someone you know nothing about.

Your CRM is loaded with data that can help you build relationships with alumni. Using graduation dates, social clubs and special interest groups, and majors will help you find something interesting to say. 

Data integration also helps you segment your text messages, sending them only to relevant audiences - because some people care a lot about what the club hockey team is up to. If you’re currently in the market for a texting platform, make sure it integrates with your system of record to ensure your staff can take your data to the max.

Saving time with snazzy features

By taking the time to write your messages ahead of time, you’ll produce better results and guard against mistakes. Texting platforms allow you to save and schedule text messages for later. That takes a ton of pressure off staff members for Giving Day and other Fundraising events. 

Your team can also use texting templates to save valuable time. Templates contain the main parts of a message for you to copy and paste, so there’s less thinking and more doing.


Hi <First Name>, this is <User First Name> from <School Name>. We’re hosting a virtual event on <Date> on <Digital Medium> for alumni who are interested in learning more about how they can help in the community. Will you be able to attend?


Hi <First Name>, this is <Alumnus/a First Name>. I volunteered to help with <School Name> Giving Day. If we reach <Goal>, <Donor> has pledged to contribute another <Amount>. We appreciate any help! No gift is too small. Please help us continue <Tradition / Cause> at <School Name>.

Texting gets results

Need proof? Here are two of many examples of how texting helps Advancement teams take their efforts to the next level, even if that level is lofty.

ROI of texting for advancement


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