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How Do You Know That Students Actually Want to Receive Text Messages from You? Here’s Proof.

2 min read

Your school is ready to text students but the question is: Are students ready to receive texts from you?

Students want your texts

According to the 2021 RNL E-Expectations report, 9-out-of-10 students are open to receiving texts throughout the enrollment process. Choosing a college and navigating the enrollment process is confusing. When a student can quickly connect with someone and have the ability to ask questions, they appreciate it.

9 out of 10  students are open to receiving text messages throughout the enrollment process

People also rely on reminders to meet deadlines. Nudges are naturally accepted in day-to-day life. From oil change reminders to Google Calendar pop-ups, people need help to keep their life in order. It’s no different for a student trying to choose a college or university. Texting creates a more natural conversation flow.

What kinds of texts do students want?

While students are grateful for the lifeline, they don’t want to be bothered. Data from the E-Expectations report gives you a good indication of the kinds of texts that will be welcomed.

Students want texts that show them the next steps in the process

This is the first time most students have had any experience with the process of applying to and enrolling in a school. They don’t know how quickly a decision is made on Financial Aid. They’re not familiar with terms like FAFSA. They’ll have questions, and the more you’re serving them with appropriate texts, the better impression they’ll have with your institution.

When should you start texting students?

The short answer is, “immediately.” As soon as a student applies to your school, your staff should reach out and establish a connection. From there, you can guide them through the process and, most importantly, be there to answer questions they might have. For high school Sophomores, you can begin texting them earlier in the process.








It’s about building a relationship

The key to texting students and prospective students is to always make it clear they can turn to you when they need help. End every text with a question.

[FREE TEMPLATES]  15 Texting Templates for Admissions DOWNLOAD


[FREE TEMPLATES]  15 Texting Templates for Admissions DOWNLOAD