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5 ways career services should be using texting

2 min read

Students obtain an education as a pathway to gainful employment, but many schools fall short of providing quality career services. Much of the problem lies in how schools connect with students. These five text suggestions can help your department reach more students and guide them to their respective careers.

1) Increase student attendance at career fairs.

Because many students on campus have not yet chosen a career path, presenting them options is a must. This clear and simple text provides all necessary information about a career fair, including a question to increase engagement.

Jennifer, Mongoose "Get Hired" Career Fair is March 21st. Connect with over 100 employers. Dress to impress! Do you have any questions? Register: http://goo.gl/WTkzr 

2) Efficiently schedule students for interviews/ OCR events.

Graduates remark that they would have taken advantage of campus resources had they known about them. On-campus Recruiting is an example of a great opportunity that is often missed. Send a text that offers a specific appointment to help increase attendance.

Hi Elizabeth! This is your Career Counselor, Amanda at Mongoose University. "Big Four" accounting firm is visiting campus April 30th.
We have time slots open 12:00-5:00pm. Are you interested in signing up?

3) Announce networking events.

Shared experience allows students to better relate to alums and fellow students in their major. Make it as easy as possible for students to register for OCR and interview opportunities.

Hey Stephanie, Melissa McAllister will be hosting "Coffee and Career Conversations," with senior business majors on March 29th at 4:00pm. Learn about helpful interview tips and job openings! Register here: http://goo.gl/WTkzr 

4) Organize 1:1 resume reviews.

A college degree can teach you everything about a career except how to get in the door, and many students aren’t aware of the resume services available on campus. Use your data to find out which students need help with their resumes.

Hi Brendan! This is your Career Counselor, Amanda at Mongoose University. I noticed you uploaded your resume to handshake, but it looks incomplete. Are you interested in scheduling a resume review? 

5) Build relationships with your employers.

An inside path to employment is a great asset to potential students. If you’ve established relationships with employers, use that connection as much as possible.

Hi Patrick, this is Mary with Career Services at NU. John Student was recognized as "Intern of the Month!" Thank you for your continued support and hiring our students! Do you have any additional hiring needs?

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