Texting practices to avoid when using emojis

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Sometimes, when you’re writing about the best practices of emoji use in texts, you consume too much caffeine. This blog is the result. At this time, we here at Mongoose will recommend that you NOT read any further. Like, stop reading this blog. Seriously. This blog will serve as no help to you.

Holy cow, you’re still reading. Okay, you’ve been warned. Here is a fictional guide to emoji use that shouldn’t have been written and certainly should not be taken seriously. It’s an ‘Emojis - Worst Practices’ guide. We hope you have fun with it.

While emojis can be fun and engaging, it’s a good idea to limit your use, be selective and professional, and avoid these worst practices.

Example 1


Here the institution started with a great text, using questions to engage the student. Things went south when the counselor illustrated the high-cost effects of a car crash with flying money and fire emojis.

New call-to-action

Example 2


While mountains can represent the majesty of accomplishment and a man and woman running communicate a feeling of work ethic and hustle, this text starts to lose focus around the 27th emoji. For instance, the hot dog wearing headphones in front of a caption that says “Respek” - what does this convey? Is the school respeking the student? Demanding that the student respek the school? Is this a statement about the duality of man? A follow-up text would be necessary to clear up the confusion.

I can’t believe you read down this far.

Example 3


In this instance, the mom wasn’t really being a police officer. Perhaps a helicopter emoji would be more appropriate.


Example 4


In this example, the monkey emoji could possibly make sense but then there is a bomb and a laughing cat. Why the cat is laughing?? Maybe because he knows the monkey cannot see him? Be clear with your choices. Do animals judge each other? I need to look this up.

Example 5

It’s not fair to assume that nobody cares.

We hope you did not read this. Thank you.