How to integrate the Cadence texting platform with your CRM

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Texting platforms are designed to make it much easier to reach constituents. CRM systems need to be the system of record for contact data and, ideally, have records of all communication from any medium. Making sure the two systems integrate is essential.

Some platforms, including Cadence, offer multiple data integration options that align with the technologies your college is currently using.

Here are four ways Cadence can integrate with your CRM:

  1. Simple, file-based manual - Cadence offers a set of import and export tools to make it simple to get data flowing between the texting platform and any CRM. With a few required fields, you can create and use custom data fields to search for contacts, segment them into groups, and store and display additional information that can be useful when communicating with contacts. Cadence also offers a set of exports, all in a CSV format. You can export activity of all incoming and outbound messages, opt-outs and opt-out preferences, undelivered messages, and unread messages.

  2. Rest API and webhooks - Using our set of APIs, you can establish a real-time connection to Cadence and automatically create, update, or view data. Text messages can be programmatically triggered based on events occurring in your CRM. Webhooks can be utilized to automatically push Cadence message activity, delivery failures, and opt-out preference updates to an endpoint as they occur in the platform

  3. FTP - Using a simple secure file exchange, automatic data imports and/or exports can be scheduled. Tools for configuring, scheduling, logging, and monitoring the integration are all provided in Cadence.

  4. Configuration-based native integrations for certain CRMs - These represent the fastest way to exchange data between Cadence and campus systems and minimize the level of effort required for the campus to implement an integration. They are configuration-based and do not require any custom programming nor development time from the campus. A set of tools exists within Cadence to set up and monitor the data flow.

    Cadence offers several native integrations, if you’d like to see if your CRM can be natively integrated with Cadence, contact us or reach out in the chat below.

All four of these data integration approaches:

  • Are included with Cadence at no additional charge
  • Can be used interchangeably and simultaneously (between different departments)
  • Can vary according to the campus department/team using the product
  • Follow the same data validation rules
  • View the ERP/CRM as the system of record for all data
  • Offer bidirectional integration

No matter which CRM your college uses for data, you’ll find an option that allows your staff to begin texting effectively. Making integration as seamless as possible is just one way in which Cadence will improve the efficiency of your communications strategy.

Don’t take our word for it

Sometimes it’s best to let someone else do the talking. Watch and share this video of Brian Jackson, Application Support Specialist from McLennan Community College, sharing his insights on how to get buy-in on texting across the enterprise.


Reach out to our team for any technical or security-related questions you have about Cadence. Our team is here to help!