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How an intelligent virtual assistant helps visitors accomplish tasks

2 min read

Harmony, the intelligent chatbot from Mongoose, is a self-service technology for your school’s website.

Basic chatbots can provide some instructions for college website visitors trying to complete a task, but students still need to follow through on those instructions, and your staff will have to add this request to their already-packed to-do list.

An intelligent virtual assistant like Harmony takes things to the next level by actually completing tasks automatically. 

Here’s an everyday example you’re certainly familiar with:

With a chatbot...

When a student visits your school’s website to request their transcript, a chatbot can provide limited instructions such as giving the student a phone number to call or building to visit. The student then has to follow the next set of instructions from the appropriate office, taking up their time and the time of your staff.

An intelligent virtual assistant completes the tasks

A student traveling to your school’s website in search of their transcript will simply have to tell a virtual assistant like Harmony some basic information, such as their name and student ID. Harmony can then retrieve the student’s records and seamlessly gather their address for transcript delivery.  

This outcome is positive for both the student and your staff. The student leaves your college’s website immediately satisfied and impressed with the ease of the transaction, while your staff can check off one more repetitive task without having to lift a finger.

Reduce your to-do list

If your school is like most others across the country, you receive countless requests for transcripts. Your staff is also tasked with helping students register for classes, resolving financial holds, checking application status, resetting passwords, looking up basic account information, and so many other student concerns. A virtual assistant takes care of these tasks with ease, instantly, giving your staff time to focus on things that require more of a human touch.

So much more than a chatbot

Harmony can help website visitors complete tasks because it seamlessly taps into your existing information systems, providing a truly personalized experience.The more your website can actually help students and leave them with a positive impression, the more engaged they’ll be with your institution.

See how easy it is for Harmony to complete basic tasks on your school’s website.


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