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Mongoose values - who we are and why we do it

4 min read

Values (noun-plural): principles that guide behavior and, ultimately, culture

A journey begins with a single step, and for a company like Mongoose, the direction of that first step is easily determined. We let our values guide us in everything we do. For every software feature we release and user interview we conduct, the goal is always to help colleges and universities better connect with their constituents and enhance relationships. 

Because we believe that higher education is important, we’re all in. The people who work for Mongoose have to understand, appreciate, and emulate these values. So, whether you’re just curious to know what makes us tick, or you’re looking to join our dynamic team, the first thing you need to know is what we believe in.

These are our values. 

We are customer-obsessed.

The communication needs of our clients are ever-changing, especially with the current landscape of education. That is why we’re always looking to find new methods to help schools succeed, and therefore help students reach their goals. We crave input from our clients and adapt our plans to help them overcome obstacles.

Mongoose has a couple of powerful tools in the shed in Cadence and Harmony, but they’re only useful if they’re helping colleges engage. We’re constantly at work to ensure those tools are sharp and effective. Plus, we’re not only a phone call away from our clients - we’re usually initiating the contact. When you’re obsessed, you tend to obsess.

Loras College client quote

We have a bias toward action.

We use a word around the office - scrapnasty. It’s like an unofficial company motto. It means when a good idea comes about, we jump to plan and execute. That doesn’t mean we don’t look before we jump or strategize our operations, but we don’t spend days coming up with one hundred reasons NOT to do something if it seems like a good idea. 

There’s a lot on the line for our clients, and we respect that. Colleges and universities need solutions for challenges that exist now and down the road. If there’s a feature release that can save staff members time or a product upgrade that makes texting a large group of students easier, it’s our responsibility to make it happen (and make it happen fast). We have smart people in place who aren’t afraid to fail - because failure is a way to learn.

We have high standards for our customers, ourselves, and the company.

This goes back to being customer-obsessed - we absolutely love good news in the Mongoose office. Our success is measured in the feedback we get from our clients, and their wins are our wins. It’s important that our clients don’t just communicate with their students, parents, and alumni, it’s crucial that they reach them. We know the only way to guide a person to their goals is to form a relationship and lead them past the finish line.

We don’t just pass off a texting platform or virtual assistant to an institution and wish them well. We study what schools do with our software and offer advice on how to do it better, constantly. In a data-driven world, we chase the numbers. So, when a school reaches their goal, we take pride in playing a part in that. 

We value and trust each other.

Being the smartest person in the room isn’t an option at Mongoose. That’s because each member of our team is open to being wrong and curious about what is right. Ideas are shared like snacks, and we feast on them together. More insight and experience brings a better result. 

Our standards might be high, but we’re not in it for personal glory. It’s more fun when everyone crosses the finish line together. That way, the after-party is at full capacity. 

We are intellectually secure.

Philosopher Karl Popper said that “true ignorance is not the absence of knowledge but the refusal to acquire it.” We’re not as good with words as Karl, but we know enough to raise our hand if we don’t understand something. 

From company leadership down, we are encouraged at every turn to raise our hand if we need something explained, and to keep our hand in the air until we understand. It’s not an edict. It’s a combination of curiosity and determination.

Hopefully, this gave you an idea of what a day in the life of a Mongoose team member is like. Please reach out on our contact page if you have any questions. We might be busy helping our clients, but we’re never too busy to talk. 


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