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Texting and the evolution of higher ed fundraising

3 min read

RNL clients have raised millions of dollars using texting and RNL's remote engagement center tools.

“Sending a link in your first text message is akin to asking someone to marry you on the first date.” - Shad Hanselman

A smarter outreach strategy nets more results in Advancement engagement efforts, and there are lessons we've learned during COVID that can extend well into the future. So, while in-person events have slowed some engagement opportunities, technology can help bridge the gap and assist Advancement teams in building relationships.

Shad Hanselman from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) and Mike Kochczynski from Mongoose discuss some amazing results RNL clients have achieved using texting and RNL’s remote engagement center tools.

RNL has spent years testing which methods improve fundraising efforts. Do you ask contacts if they prefer to be opted out of communication? How many texts should you send before you include a donation link? What do you do if you're manning the phones for an event and an alum asks a question you don't know the answer to?

With texting, there's a natural pause to the conversation that makes it easier to find information without making someone wait on the other end of the phone. This way, your team can tackle unexpected questions and address the needs of your constituents.

One of the most crucial aspects of fundraising is confirming gift fulfillment. Shad lays out what his team does to ensure that, when someone pledges to donate to a foundation, that pledge is fulfilled. It's important to respond to a pledge as soon as possible - in most cases, sending a text while the conversation is happening is the best way to get the task completed. 

This episode includes real examples and best practices that led to millions of dollars in fundraising. 

In this conversation, you'll learn:

  • How to increase efficiency in gift fulfillment

  • Whether to use opt-out language in text

  • To better answer unexpected questions from alumni


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Shad Hanselman

Associate Vice President, Annual Giving Product Management at RNL


Mike Kochczynski

Client Success Lead/Partner Manager at Mongoose


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